Top 5 Free Sound Effects Websites in 2021

2 April 2021

If you are a content creator, YouTuber, or vlogger, no matter what kind of project you’re working on, a good sound effect can go a long way.

If you are a vlogger and put the best slides, transitions along with good content. Still, you will feel something is missing to make your video extraordinary.

It is - Sound Effects that you are missing. Sound effects make your content-rich. All you need is a good sound effect.

Did you hear the babbling brook in Game of Thrones? Think about all the wild animals traipsing around the forests of Pandora in Avatar.

All these are the sounds. Or we can say sound effects. Sound effects play a crucial role in this digital era.

However, Anyone doesn’t have the budget or wants to lose their pockets for sound effects.

Moreover, finding a sound effect that you can use freely without worrying about licensing requirements or paying royalties can be tedious, as well as time-consuming.

Moreover, you need to take care of whether you are not using any pirated content. Pirated content comes with malware.

What does Royalty-free mean?

Royalty-free sound effects are the sounds that are licensed-free. In simple words, You don’t need to spend any penny or require any permission for accessing sounds again and again from such sites.

Today, the Internet is crowded with Free sound effects websites. So, we went through all the sites and compiled a list of Top 5 sound effects websites.

Top 5 Free Sound Effects Website


The very first website that tops in our research is Few people might be familiar with this site. But the features are extraordinary.

It is straightforward - the minute you reach the front page, it starts downloading the sounds for you. It has HD quality sound effects. It offers great search functionalities with filtering, so you can find exactly what you need!

Soundbuttons 2021

It supports all the languages of the universe. No other application or tool can support that many languages as it can. It has a huge library of more than 2 Million sound effects.

These sound effects are bundled into 12 different categories. Starting from ambient sounds to weapons to animals and more, one can select from a range of sound effects. So, we can say that it offers something for everyone.

You can even mark few sound effects as favorites. This will have you keep all your favorites in one place for future use.

You can directly share any sound effects with your friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. Or can directly embed the URL into your site. What an exciting feature!

2. Mixkit Free Sound Effects

Mixkit Free Sound effects tool can be accessed to discover incredible free sound effects for video creators. All sound effects are free to use. There is no requirement to even sign up to use the sound effects.


3. Orange Free Sounds

Orange Free Sounds come in many categories. Want the sound of scary street roads or water sounds, there is a dedicated category. Not only sound effects, but this website also offers background music and loops to be used for videos, apps, etc.

Music producers, sound designers, video game developers, explainer video makers, students, documentary filmmakers, and other professionals can browse through Orange Free Sounds’ directory for that perfect music.


4. Freesound

Freesound library is pretty average in terms of collection. But it has very nice features, so you can bookmark this site too. There are also very useful sound packs, which group together sounds by theme or purpose. For example, this SFX pack has a few pretty neat firearm effects. This website is very easy to use.


5. Zapsplat

is one of the popular websites on the Internet. It contains a collection of more than 29,000 music and sound effects for free. Every week, 100 new sound effects are added to the database

These sound effects can be downloaded in original WAV or MP3 file format instantly. Zapsplat offers a sound effect request service for free; meaning.

You can send a request for a specific sound effect customized as per your need. The sound designers use professional microphones and recorders for recording.


Final Note

Well, these are the top 5 websites for sound effects. In case you are wondering which one of the above is our favorite, the answer is “”.More than work, It’s been fun navigating this site.

Visit all the websites mentioned here and share your views with us. Thanks for reading!